A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.


You are welcome to my blog. I'm a guy who loves to design, create & draw. Especially the zentangle art-style & I'm trying to make a revolution in this art. I live in Sweden, the land of the midnight sun. My dream... be a great architect. (I'm working on it) :)

If you a creative artist I'm following you :) inspire me


kellyeatsjelly asked
your art is great!

Thank you 😇

Thanks for ever single one
up to 400 followers. a flower for every follower

it’s summer time now, no more university,studying,brainstorming…

I am coming back with a beauty zentangle work.

eibeholm asked
Absolutely love your drawings!! :))

Wow Thank you 🔝😊

princessdaisy24 asked
Hi there, i don't have a question. I just wanted to show some love for your drawings! They're like an incredible mind maze of wonder. Congratulations for having a very cool talent. Have a great day :)